Disability Life Enrichment

Disability Life Enrichment, through the Catalina Conference Centre, is looking to make a difference in the lives of those with a disability and their carers. In providing a venue which is friendly, on the shores of picturesque Lake Macquarie, with surrounding parks and walkways, our aim is to provide an experience which is refreshing and unique.

Mission Statement

We aim to enrich the lives of people with disabilities, by acting to relieve their suffering, both emotional and physical, their distress and feeling of helplessness that results from social isolation; by providing opportunities for group interaction, we aim to assist them to build a sense of community and thereby enhance their well-being, and thereby integrating with the wider community.

The People

David & Heather Hagen

David and Heather Hagen share a passion to help people with a disability to enjoy a better quality of life. This is part of the greater vision that has led them to make a contribution wherever possible, to improve the lot of people less fortunate.

The latest endeavour is the establishment of a charity dedicated to benefit people with disabilities. Disability Life Enrichment Ltd is a registered charity, with the first project being the acquisition of the historic WWII RAAF Catalina Base Hospital located on the lakefront at Rathmines NSW, and converting it into a fully equipped disability-friendly accommodation and conference centre, recently opened for business after a 2-year renovation project.

A business partnership of over 50 years has provided David and Heather with treasured memories of people and places. Family who have encouraged them every step of the way, church friends providing practical support and those who have inspired them in difficult times, and the many they have been able to assist along life’s journey both in Australia and overseas.

David and Heather now reside in Cleveland, a suburb of Brisbane, and frequently spend time at Rathmines, assisting in the management and operation of Catalina Conference Centre.